1. What is Swarm?

Swarm is the fifth Earth Explorer mission in ESA's Living Planetek Program, and was successfully launched on 22 November 2013.

The objective of the Swarm mission is to provide the best-ever survey of the geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution as well as the electic field in the atmosphere using a costellation of 3 identical satellites carrying sophisticated magnetometers and electric field instruments.


2. Who is involved in Safe-swarm Project?

SAFE- Swarm for Earthquake study is a joint initiative coordinated by the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), to investigate, by means of data collected from satellites and from ground-based instruments, the phase preceding the great earthquakes.

Planetek Italia, partner in the project, will support the realization of the e-infrastructures necessary to organize and merge the satellite data with those from the systems at ground to extract the necessary information fro the analysis.


3. How can I use data acquired in the frame of SAFE-Swarm project?

The objective of the project SAFE is to use different satellite database or ground-based data to analyse the seismic events. Dataset referred to a particular seismic event can be downloaded and analysed through the available precess/algorithm.


4. How can I select a seismic event from the catalogue?

The seismic events will be searchable in the system according to the following parameters:

  • Date (from-to)

  • Magnitude of the EQ

  • Depth of the epicenter

  • Bounding Box coordinates (drawn on the map or added by user)

  • Circle Box with center P0 (drawn on the map or added by the user) and Dobrovolsky radius R=10^(0.43*M) where M is the selected magnitude

The user will view the list of the seismic events with their corresponding main metadata and the system will show on the map.


5. How can I run processes on selected dataset?

The scientist user will be able to launch a process to study an event and view the generated output in Web Application. the user will selected the study type that he/she wants between the following:

  • Geomagnetism

  • Ionosphere

  • Seismology

After the selection of the study type, he/she will select the algorithm to run and the input database.


6. How can I find/view processed data?

The output of the processes will be images, plot, maps or single values showed in Web Application window.


7. I would like information about upcoming events/conferences related to SAFE project. Where can I look?

You can find a full list of upcoming conferences an events on our Calendar peges.