To pursue the SAFE Project objectives and in order to investigate ionospheric signatures of possible lithospheric origin, the geospace conditions have been carefully investigated by considering the following worldwide adopted geomagnetic indices: ap, AE and Dst. When these indices exceeded a given threshold, the anomalies detected from both ground based and in situ data are described as external forcing related, without fully excluding their possible LAIC origin. The results shown on the following data-sheets are then based on the above considerations.


Chile-Iquique Earthquake (M8.2)


Aegean Sea Earthquake (M6.9)


Nepal Earthquake (M7.8)


Chile-Illapel Earthquake (M8.3)


Japan-Miyako Earthquake (M6.7)


Japan-Kumamoto Earthquake (M7.0)


Ecuador Earthquake (M7.8)


Sumatra Earthquake (M7.9)


Crete Earthquake (M6.1)


Greece-Lefkada Earthquake (M6.5)


Gibraltar Earthquake (M6.3)


Taiwan Earthquake (M6.4)