Open Study Conference

SAFE (Swarm for Earthquake study) Project

ESA – funded Project under STSE Programme

19-20 October, 2016

Conference Hall -  1st Floor - INGV, V. Vigna Murata 605, 00143 Roma


First day: Wednesday 19 October 2016


  9:15-10:00 Registration

10:00 Welcome and opening greetings (INGV, ASI, ESA representatives)

10:30 Overview of SAFE Project (A. De Santis - INGV)

10:50 Overview of Swarm Mission (R. Haagmans & R. Floberghagen- ESA) 


Invited Presentations (chair: G. De Franceschi)

11:10 Ionosphere from Ionosondes and TEC (L. Cander – RAL) [invited]

11:40 EM Ionosphere characterization from satellites (G. Balasis - NOA) [invited]

12:10 Seismic Sequences and Swarms (R. Console - INGV) [invited]


12:40 – 13:20  Lunch (INGV Canteen)

13:20 – 14:00  Extension break


Inside the SAFE Project (chair: W.J. Burger)

14:00 Overview of SAFE Analyses & Validation (G. De Franceschi - INGV)

14:20 Analysis of Swarm Magnetic Data  (A. De Santis & G. Cianchini - INGV)

15:00 Analysis of Swarm Electron Density data  (L. Spogli & D. Marchetti - INGV)


15:40 – 16:10  Coffee break


Ground-based data analyses (Chair: L. Cander)

16:10  Seismic Data Analysis (G. Cianchini & A. De Santis - INGV)

16:30  Ionosonde Data Analysis (L. Perrone – INGV)

16:50 GNSS-TEC Data Analysis (C. Cesaroni – INGV)


SAFE platform (Chair: L. Alfonsi)

17:10 SAFE Demonstration platform (L. Amoruso & F. Santoro – Planetek)


17:40 Open discussion (Chairs: A. De Santis & R. Haagmans)

18:00  End of the day


18:00-18:30  Rapporteurs’ meeting [reserved meeting] INGV Multimedia Room (Ground Floor)


19:00-20:30 Welcome Reception at INGV premises (2nd Floor)



Second Day: Thursday 20 October 2016


Other programs on Earthquake Studies from satellite (Chair: S. Zoffoli)

  9:30  Seismic activity and particle detection in space (W.J. Burger – FBK &TIFPA) [invited]

10:00 Multi-parameter anomalies in atmosphere associated with major earthquakes ( K. Qin – China Univ.) [invited]


Seismic Characterization and possible correlations (Chair: Console)

10:30 Lesson learnt from SAFE case studies: a seismologist’s point of view (R. Di Giovambattista – INGV)


11.00-11:30 Coffee Break


Dissemination & Feedbacks (chair: A. De Santis)

11:30  SAFE Dissemination and Feedbacks (L. Alfonsi – INGV)

11:50 Feedbacks from rapporteurs (L. Cander - RAL)


12:20 Discussion & Wrap-up (Chairs: A. De Santis, R. Haagmans)


12:50 Lunch (INGV Canteen)


End of the Open Study Conference