COSPAR, 14-22 July 2018, Pasadena(USA)
SAFE (“Swarm for Earthquake study”) project (funded by ESA in the framework of "STSE Swarm+lnnovation”) deals with the integrated analysis of more physical parameters whose abnormal variations have been found to be possibly associated with impending earthquakes. These observations are mainly: electromagnetic variations, total electron content and the electron density in the ionosphere, measured both from Swarm satellites and ground-based observatories. We show here the results of a systematic analysis of around 3.5 years of magnetic and electron density satellite anomalies in the whole space-time interval of interest, avoiding high magnetic latitudes (1 Jan 2014-31 Aug. 2017, |geomagnetic latitude|≤50o) which are correlated with earthquakes by means of a superimposed epoch approach. Both data analyses show that the anomaly concentrations are superior with respect to random anomaly distributions by more than 2.5s, supporting the hypothesis for a lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling in the preparation phase of earthquakes. The recent launched CSES satellite mission with dedicated scientific payload for pre-earthquake anomaly detection will let us available more electromagnetic data for applying the same techniques for searching precursors of future earthquakes.   This work is partly funded by the European Space Agency under “SAFE” Project and by the Italian Space Agency under “Limadou-Science" Project.  
De Santis A. & SAFE Team