ESC 2018, Malta 2-7 September 2018
In the framework of SAFE (“Swarm for Earthquake study”) project, funded by ESA within the initiative "STSE Swarm+lnnovation”, we analyse Swarm three-satellite magnetic and electron density data for almost four years, 2014-2017, to look for possible earthquake related anomalies. After defining the potential pre-earthquake anomalies statistically and in the frequency content, we apply the search of satellite anomalies in the whole space-time interval of interest, avoiding high magnetic latitudes (1 Jan 2014-31 Aug. 2017, |geomagnetic latitude|<=50 degrees) and then we correlate them with earthquakes by means of a superposed epoch approach. Results are also compared with analogous random simulations in order to assess their robustness. In general, our results point to a significant statistical correlation of the magnetic field signal and the electron density with seismicity. Both are superior with respect to random anomaly distributions with largest concentration 3-4 times the corresponding of random simulations, corresponding to a deviation from the random mean by more than 40-50 sigma, confirming a lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling in the preparation phase of earthquakes.
De Santis A. & SAFE Team