EMSEV Potenza (Italy) 17-21 September 2018
We present in this talk the magnetic and climatological analysis to search for possible electromagnetic and atmospheric effects in the preparatory phase of the 2016-2018 Central Italy seismic sequence. The main events occurred on 24 August 2016 (Amatrice earthquake, Mw 6.0), 30 October 2016 (Norcia mainshock, Mw6.5)  and on 18 January 2017 (four M5+ events close to Campotosto-Visso) The seismic sequence is still ongoing. The work will show the approach we defined and introduced in the framework of SAFE (ESA funding Agency) and LIMADOU-Science (ASI funding agency) Projects as applied to this case study. It will concern the analysis of electromagnetic data from the Swarm three satellites  by ESA, combined with the observations from the INGV magnetic observatories of L’Aquila and Duronia for investigating the preparatory phase of the earthquakes sequence. The study is also integrated with the combined analysis of some atmospheric parameters, such as skin temperature, total column water vapour, and total aerosol thickness comparing the values preceding the seismic sequence with the historical time series of the previous years. Our results combined /compared also with other works show a certain synchronicity of the different physical parameters forming a chain of processes pointing toward the imminent earthquakes. The experience learnt by these analyses could be very useful for the investigation of the future CSES satellite data related to next large earthquakes.   This work is partly funded by the European Space Agency under “SAFE” Project and by the Italian Space Agency under “Limadou-Science" Project.    
De Santis A. et al.