The paper presents simultaneously a satellite monitoring of plasma density disturbances and quasi-static electric fields on the one hand, and a ground earthquake monitoring, on the other. The INTERCOSMOS-BULGARIA-1300 satellite was launched on 7th August 1981. It had a perigee of 825 km, an apogee of 906 km and orbit inclination of 81.2°. For satellite’s orbits over sources of earthquakes M  5.5 (seismic data of the World Data Center Denver, Colorado), in the time period 12.08.1981 30.12.1981, some ionospheric effects are investigated. These effects can be considered eventually as possible earthquake precursors. The paper discusses specific anomalous effects observed in the ionosphere, which cannot be explained by factors of solar-magnetospheric origin. They could be associated with the earthquake growing processes in the lithosphere and troposphere zones above the source. In conclusion the results of ionosphere anomalous effects monitoring are proposed.

Gousheva, M.;Glavcheva, R.;Danov, D.;Angelov, P.;Hristov, P.;Kirov, B.;Georgieva, K.
Advances in Space Research
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